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History of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Martial arts are a system of varied fighting art practices where the objective is to defeat the opponent(s) and to defend oneself against a possible threat or assailant. Its roots stem as far back as the Olympics of Ancient Greece, where hand-to-hand combat, known as pankration, first gained popularity amongst spectators. News of the newfound sport eventually spread to parts of the world like Europe, Japan and the U.S. As people traveled throughout these areas and picked up some of the martial art teachings, they took these arts and built on them, often creating a new style or form of martial art of their very own. As martial arts spread like wildfire, so did the idea of mixed-style competitions. Often a practitioner of one martial art challenged a practitioner of a different one for ultimate bragging rights. These mixed-style competitions took place worldwide for several decades, eventually gaining intense popularity in the United States. Participants in these competitions learned from their opponents and began to realize that in order to become well-rounded fighters, they must study any combative art form that could give them an edge in the game.

Mixed Martial Arts

For instance, in the late 1960s the concept of combining the elements of multiple martial arts was popularized in the west by Bruce Lee's theory of Jeet Kune Do. Lee believed that "the best fighter is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt to any style, to be formless, to adopt an individual's own style and not following the system of styles."

Mixed martial arts has evolved drastically since its early days. The more dangerous Vale Tudo ("everything allowed", or "anything goes") style bouts of the early UFCs were made safer with the implementation of additional rules, restructuring MMA into a highly organized and controlled combat sport that we see today. Originally promoted as a competitions with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors were pitted against one another with minimal rules. Later, fighters combined multiple martial arts into their style while promoters adopted additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote mainstream acceptance of the sport as a full contact combat sport allowing the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, including boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, tae kwon do, karate, judo, among other styles.

Mixed Martial Arts

The many forms of martial arts vary greatly and range from arts like Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to boxing and wrestling. In these areas of practice, one may expect to learn to striking or grappling, or could possibly deal with weapons training and defense. When practicing these types of methods, combat is often simulated, which is known as sparring.

The sport reached a new peak of popularity in the U.S. in the December 2006 rematch between then UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and former champion Tito Ortiz, rivaling the pay-per-view sales of some of the biggest boxing events of all time. In 2007, the owners of the UFC bought Japanese rival MMA brand Pride, merging the contracted fighters under one promotion. Since the UFC's explosion into the mainstream media in 2006 along with their 2007 merger with Pride and purchase of WEC, few companies have presented significant competition. However numerous organizations have held shows of significance while competing against the UFC.

Mixed Martial Arts

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